Soft Bucket Covers

utility bucket covers

Bryant's Bucket covers are manufactured with the best heavy duty vinyl on the market and equipped with a rope and lanyard to prevent loss.  Bryant's Foam Filled bucket covers come with a special foam that does not retain water.  So if for some reason the vinyl gets cut, it will not swell up like a sponge or let the water get in the bucket.  Just drain the water out of the cover and go.  Bryant can manufacture any size and can manufacture a cover to extend over your controls if needed.  Standard bucket sizes in stock ready to ship.

All cover sizes are measured via inside the bucket. If you need help trying to get a size just give me a call and we will get you fixed up. Bryant covers are constructed with the very best heavy duty Vinyl on the market.

Part# For Heavy Duty Soft Canvas

B-24  24x24 (one man Bucket)

B-30  24x30 (man and ½ bucket)

B-38  24x38

B-44  24x44

B-48  24x48  (two man bucket)

Part# For Heavy Duty Foam Filled Canvas

B-24FF   24x24 (one man bucket)

B-30FF   24x30 (man and ½ bucket)

B-30ff-c  24x30 (man and ½ bucket plus controls)

B-48       24x48 (two man bucket)

Hard Shell Bucket Cover

Bryant also sales Hard plastic bucket covers for various styles buckets. Give Us a Call Today and let us help you keep the rain out of the bucket.